Coven (The Band)

This band has a few landmark traits for metal music. First to display the metal horns. One of the earliest know blast beats for drumming, and they had a female singer.

-Woman singer, blast beats, metal, all in the 1960’s! Check this out:



There is a band named 2:54. They sound awesome…

How did I find this? Oh yea, reading a Tateryche review on some website, and blog entry was off to the side that mentioned this band so I looked them up. The band’s name is “2:54”, the song is titled “Creeping.”

If the music industry was run by music lovers, who view music as art, this band would be much, much more popular.

The Thurlow sisters were born in Ireland but spent much of their childhood in Bristol after moving there at an early age. In 2007 they formed the punk rock band The Vulgarians, and in mid-2010 formed 2:54, named after part of a song by The Melvins(in Colette’s words the “point on ‘History Of Bad Men’ where the bass line turns doomy, and dreamy”).