There is a band named 2:54. They sound awesome…

How did I find this? Oh yea, reading a Tateryche review on some website, and blog entry was off to the side that mentioned this band so I looked them up. The band’s name is “2:54”, the song is titled “Creeping.”

If the music industry was run by music lovers, who view music as art, this band would be much, much more popular.

The Thurlow sisters were born in Ireland but spent much of their childhood in Bristol after moving there at an early age. In 2007 they formed the punk rock band The Vulgarians, and in mid-2010 formed 2:54, named after part of a song by The Melvins(in Colette’s words the “point on ‘History Of Bad Men’ where the bass line turns doomy, and dreamy”).



Who was the first African American Governor in the U.S.? The answer is not who you think.

–Pinchbeck was the first African American Gov. He wasn’t elected. He was the son of a former slave, and slave master who lived together as husband and wife.

In 1872, the Louisiana legislature filed impeachment charges against the incumbent Republican governor, Henry Clay Warmoth due to disputes over certifying returns of the disputed gubernatorial election, in which both Democrat John McEnery and Republican William Kellogg claimed victory. Trying to support a centrist fusion government at a time of divisions among Republicans, Warmoth had supported his appointed return board, which certified McEnery as winner. Republicans opposed this outcome, and appointed their own returns board, which certified Kellogg. The election had been marked by violence and fraud. State law required that Warmoth step aside until his impeachment case was tried. Pinchback took the oath as acting governor on December 9, 1872, and served for about six weeks until the end of Warmoth’s term. Warmoth was not convicted, and the charges were eventually dropped by the legislature.