Coven (The Band)

This band has a few landmark traits for metal music. First to display the metal horns. One of the earliest know blast beats for drumming, and they had a female singer. Woman singer, blast beats, metal, all in the 1960′s!


Immolation was a word I had definitely heard before, but I wasn’t sure what it meant. I think there is a death metal band that goes by Immolation. I wonder if they know what the word means, or they just picked it because it sounded cool? I found out about the practice of Sati on my recent information binge. Weird, wild, stuff…

How did I find this? Oh yea, reading a Tateryche review on some website, and blog entry was off to the side that mentioned this band so I looked them up. The band’s name is “2:54.”


I have heard this saying, but never knew what it meant, or what it was…

Sneaker Pimps – 09-27-97 Recovery

A lighthearted video on children with autism.

Pinchbeck was the first African American Gov. He wasn’t elected. He was the son of a former slave, and slave master who live together as husband and wife. 


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